Eric Pickles

UK Communities Secretary Erick Pickles
19 Jan, 2015

Muslim Council of Britain unhappy with letter, but Cameron suggests it is council that has the problem

UK Communities Secretary Erick Pickles
26 Sep, 2014

Government proposal aims to help 'hard-working' tenants pay lower rent so they can save for deposit

Eric Pickles
21 Jun, 2014

Eric Pickles to announce end to ‘over-zealous’ enforcement of council parking regulations

Sajid Javid  at Downing Street
18 May, 2014

Culture secretary says migrants must 'respect our way of life'

12 Feb, 2014

Cameron's pledge that 'We are a wealthy country' has Whitehall spin doctors rowing quickly backwards

10 Feb, 2014

As Lord Smith tries to defend Environment Agency, Baroness Young's spell in charge raises questions

06 Feb, 2014

Environment Secretary's emergency operation means trusty Eric Pickles now takes charge of flooding

06 Nov, 2013

Communities Secretary gets behind 200 radical money-saving proposals to be put to local councils

20 Aug, 2013

British buyers are put off from buying because new houses are smallest in western Europe

Wayne Rooney spits
24 Jul, 2013

Move to criminalise spitting gets approval, and wins plaudits around the world