Eric Pickles

UK Communities Secretary Erick Pickles

Was Eric Pickles right to ask imams to root out extremism?

Talking Point
Mon 19 Jan, AT 15:07

Muslim Council of Britain unhappy with letter, but Cameron suggests it is council that has the problem

UK Communities Secretary Erick Pickles

Rent to Buy scheme: a new solution to the housing crisis?

Fri 26 Sep, AT 12:38

Government proposal aims to help 'hard-working' tenants pay lower rent so they can save for deposit

Eric Pickles

Government to announce ban on CCTV parking fines

One-Minute Read
Sat 21 Jun, AT 08:00

Eric Pickles to announce end to ‘over-zealous’ enforcement of council parking regulations

Sajid Javid  at Downing Street

Javid: Migrants must learn to be British

One-Minute Read
Sun 18 May, AT 09:00

Culture secretary says migrants must 'respect our way of life'

Floods: 'Money is no object' becomes 'No blank cheque'

Wed 12 Feb, AT 10:03
The Mole

Cameron's pledge that 'We are a wealthy country' has Whitehall spin doctors rowing quickly backwards


Flooding gets more political as Labour appointees are blamed

Mon 10 Feb, AT 11:43
The Mole

As Lord Smith tries to defend Environment Agency, Baroness Young's spell in charge raises questions

Flooding fiasco: timely op puts hapless Paterson out of frame

Thu 6 Feb, AT 09:32
The Mole

Environment Secretary's emergency operation means trusty Eric Pickles now takes charge of flooding

Eric Pickles: use sheep as council lawn-mowers

One-Minute Read
Wed 6 Nov, AT 13:33

Communities Secretary gets behind 200 radical money-saving proposals to be put to local councils

Builders face block on 'rabbit-hutch' homes

Tue 20 Aug, AT 10:15

British buyers are put off from buying because new houses are smallest in western Europe

Wayne Rooney spits

Spitting banned in Enfield: will Doncaster - or Delhi - be next?

Talking Point
Wed 24 Jul, AT 15:21

Move to criminalise spitting gets approval, and wins plaudits around the world