Ethiopian desert

Fossil discovery in Ethiopia could rewrite history of human evolution

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Thu 5 Mar, AT 10:55

Scientists believe jawbone dating back 2.8m years belongs to one of the world's very first humans

Africa's growing population

Jobs, security, investment: Africa’s next billion

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Tue 16 Sep, AT 07:42

By 2050, Africa’s population will hit 2.4 billion. What effect will this have and what opportunities will it present for your business?

Power vacuum as Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi dies at 57

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Tue 21 Aug, AT 16:19

Instability feared in Horn of Africa after death of PM who held power for 21 years

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof slams reporter who 'lectured' him on tax morals

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Wed 16 May, AT 11:49

Fund-raiser suggests his 'time' is a tax payment and asks hack how many irrigation ditches her salary has dug

Time cover breastfeeding

Time magazine cover shows mother breastfeeding 3-year-old

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Fri 11 May, AT 15:44

Controversial picture goes viral as mum insists practice is 'biologically normal' and 'like a hug'

Ethiopian famine of 1984

Ethiopians attack BBC’s doom-laden coverage

Tue 24 Nov, AT 07:06

25 years after Band Aid, old footage ‘deters investors and scares off tourists’

Why a charity refused $45m of US aid money

Thu 18 Sep, AT 01:00

Care International says money given to alleviate natural disasters is harmful. Tom Heap looks at the radical alternatives