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euro crisis

Flights grounded as millions join EU austerity protests

One-Minute Read
Wed 14 Nov, AT 10:20

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes

Break-up threat to Spain as PM sets out E39bn austerity cuts

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Thu 27 Sep, AT 07:19

Eurozone crisis now threatens the survival of a nation-state, warns the Financial Times

George Soros

Be nice to fellow Europeans or quit euro, Soros tells Germany

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Mon 10 Sep, AT 07:22

German stance risks collapse of the currency union and ultimately the political union as well, says financier

First ECB Council meeting with Mario Draghi

Euro breakthrough? Draghi set to offer 'unlimited' bond buying

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Thu 6 Sep, AT 07:16

But there will be strings attached when European Central Bank boss unveils his plans today

No room at the taverna for Greece's eager tax inspectors

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Fri 24 Aug, AT 13:19

The night two taxmen rolled up on Hydra and got their comeuppance from furious locals

Richard Ehrman

Can Greece remain in Europe? This could be make-or-break week

Wed 22 Aug, AT 07:57
Richard Ehrman

Greek doctors unpaid, hospitals without hot water – but will it cut any ice with German’s Angela Merkel? Unlikely

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry

PM opens door to EU referendum – but does he mean business?

Sun 1 Jul, AT 10:17

David Cameron makes landmark move towards a referendum – but only when ‘the time is right’

Mervyn King

King refuses to back Diamond as 'fit and proper' Barclays boss

Fri 29 Jun, AT 14:58

Bank of England governor calls for a change of culture and an end to the shoddy treatment of bank customers

Demitris Christofias

Cyprus: Communist leader has leverage with Brussels

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Tue 26 Jun, AT 11:19

If President Christofias doesn't like the EU's bailout conditions he could go to Moscow instead


Tax avoiders like Jimmy Carr should be publicly shamed

Opinion digest
Wed 20 Jun, AT 11:57

Opinion digest: celebrity tax avoidance, the end of wind farms and the intractable eurozone crisis