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euro crisis


Greece is the Jeremy Hunt of Europe, shielding other players

Opinion digest
Tue 19 Jun, AT 11:14

Opinion digest: Europe's economic crisis rolls on, Rio Earth Summit 2012 and tennis tantrums

Will Spain get Euro bank bail out as financial crisis deepens?

First Post
Thu 31 May, AT 12:16

Europe's fourth-largest economy needs help as markets tumble and fears of a banking collapse mount


The dinner party is in decline, but where will we get our gossip?

Opinion digest
Fri 18 May, AT 11:09

Opinion digest: the decline of the dinner party, economic incompetence, and demonising welfare

Global shares pull out

Global share sell-off: why are investors running scared again?

Wed 11 Apr, AT 10:44

Spanish and Italian bonds, US unemployment and Greek elections are making investors nervous

If Spain's banks collapse, UK may send in Navy to save ex-pats

One-Minute Read
Sun 18 Dec, AT 09:57

The Foreign Office says it will bring stranded ex-pats home using ships, planes and coaches

Week one of the 'Fourth Reich' – or last week of the euro?

Mon 5 Dec, AT 08:23
The Mole

Some Tory MPs are getting ready to celebrate the fall of the euro - 'It could end the pain more quickly'

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel

What are eurobonds? Can they end the euro crisis?

Wed 17 Aug, AT 13:36

Briefing: Merkel ruled them out yesterday, but many believe eurobonds are the only tool that can save the euro