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euro debt crisis

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande

Eurozone banks look a little safer after supervision deal

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Fri 19 Oct, AT 07:18

ECB will become single supervisor for all eurozone banks, making bailouts simpler to organise

Xi Jinping resurfaces in media, but China’s elite face questions

Talking Point
Thu 13 Sep, AT 14:04

The great wall of silence around Xi could cause problems for the Chinese leadership

Greece plans to lease islands to pay off its debt

Business Digest
Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:26

Islands could be leased for 30 to 50 years and developed into luxury tourist resorts

German court says yes to euro bailout, but this crisis isn’t over

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Wed 12 Sep, AT 14:34

Euro bailout fund gets the go-ahead, but judges put limit on Germany’s contribution

Richard Ehrman

You have to admire Draghi, but this won’t save the useless euro

Fri 7 Sep, AT 08:41
Richard Ehrman

If the eurozone is to be saved, it will have to be by its political leaders - not its central bankers

Mario Draghi

Audacious Draghi buys Europe more time – but is it enough?

Talking Point
Fri 7 Sep, AT 07:15

Markets rally on ECB chief’s bold gamble but few believe it will save the euro in the long term

Eurozone wants Greeks to work six days a week to pay debts

One-Minute Read
Wed 5 Sep, AT 12:05

Leaked email from EU and IMF outlines demands for Greek labour flexibility

Eurozone contracts 0.2 per cent, and could drag Germany down

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Tue 14 Aug, AT 11:58

But for now the German economy is growing while the likes of Italy and Portugal see their GDP fall

More austerity planned as Greek GDP continues huge contraction

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Mon 13 Aug, AT 14:48

Greece, in ninth straight quarter of GDP decline, must agree yet more austerity cuts by next month