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Euro debt crisis

The €130 billion question: is EU postponing the inevitable?

Talking Point
Tue 21 Feb, AT 12:14

Latest bailout will mean an austerity regime the Greeks will never be able to cope with

Relics of 'incalculable' value stolen from Ancient Olympia

First Post
Fri 17 Feb, AT 11:43

Second theft of Greek artefacts in a month as culture ministry struggles with austerity cuts

Greek bailout on hold again – what’s gone wrong this time?

Wed 15 Feb, AT 07:52

Increasingly bullish European leaders prepare for Greece to default and leave the euro

Greece riots

Athens becomes a war zone as Greece votes for austerity

First Post
Mon 13 Feb, AT 08:33

Parliament passes cuts programme by 199-74 votes, but can it enforce €3.3bn savings on rebellious populace?

Protestors outside Greek parliament in Athens in 2011

Is Greece about to default - or is this just brinkmanship?

One-Minute Read
Mon 6 Feb, AT 13:09

Ruling coalition must tell EU today if it accepts the painful reforms that go with £108bn rescue package

Angela Merkel to install 'gauleiter' in Greece, says MP

One-Minute Read
Sun 29 Jan, AT 12:59

Secret German plan for EU to administer Greek budget leads to 'Nazi' objections

Why it could pay hedge funds to force a Greek default

Thu 26 Jan, AT 15:11

Hedge funds might not want to strike a deal with Greece because they will profit from a default

Romania riots

The EU demanded austerity in Romania – now there are riots

Point of View
Wed 18 Jan, AT 11:08

Thousands are demonstrating across Romania – is this the start of a European Spring?

SPanish protest unemployment

Rising joblessness in Europe: thanks for nothing, Brussels

Point of View
Fri 13 Jan, AT 09:31

Collapse of SeaFrance and the ban on Iranian oil prove EU bigwigs are dangerously out of touch