European Central Bank

Mario Draghi ECB forecasts causes stock market slip

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Fri 7 Jun, AT 13:35

Draghi: no directional change that would justify taking action at this time

Britain 'eating and drinking its way to recovery'

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Tue 28 May, AT 10:33

Optimism on the menu as the CBI finds trade surging at hotels, bars and restaurants

Mario Draghi of European Central Bank says UK economy shows 'encouraging' sings

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Fri 24 May, AT 13:20

'Europe needs a more European UK as much as the UK needs a more British Europe'

Germany's 'wise men' say wealth tax could pay for bailouts

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Mon 15 Apr, AT 11:41

As many as 400,000 Britons with homes in the south of Spain could be hit by proposals to make rich pay

Cyprus: risk of new 'cold war' as Putin threatens loan pull-out

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Tue 19 Mar, AT 10:33

Ordinary Cypriots are sympathetic to the Russians, who have boosted economy during the recession

EU ministers agree on banking Union

Thu 13 Dec, AT 08:13

Finance ministers have reached a deal on rules for supervising eurozone banks

Robert Fox

Silvio Berlusconi: don't write off the return of the Demon King

Tue 11 Dec, AT 08:15
Robert Fox

He may be a fool, and he may face an underage sex charge, but he still connects with Italian people

Euro plunges on negative interest threat

Fri 7 Dec, AT 10:18

Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president, says interest rates may have to be cut

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande

Eurozone banks look a little safer after supervision deal

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Fri 19 Oct, AT 07:18

ECB will become single supervisor for all eurozone banks, making bailouts simpler to organise

ECB Debt plan: 'No delay' from German court

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Tue 11 Sep, AT 08:21

Germany’s constitutional court says it will not delay ruling on legality of ECB’s plan to end debt crisis