European Commission

New EU rules could mean the end of free banking

One-Minute Read
Wed 1 Oct, AT 15:19

Caps on interchange fees are good for business, but could mean banks pass the cost on to customers

A hairdryer from a fashion show

EU weighs ban on high-power hairdryers and kettles

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Fri 29 Aug, AT 11:02

Ban on range of household goods would seek to combat climate change, but is it another example of 'nannying' interference?

Viviane Reding: British public fed 'myths' about immigration

First Reaction
Fri 10 Jan, AT 08:51

Brussels official wants a 'United States of Europe’ but is she unintentionally helping Ukip win votes?

Rate-rigging: RBS among banks hit with record £1.4bn EU fines

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Wed 4 Dec, AT 13:55

European Commission fines banks that formed illegal cartels to rig benchmark interest rates

TSB welcomed back to UK high street as Lloyds splits its banks

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Mon 9 Sep, AT 11:42

After failed bid from Co-op, Lloyds turns to 'Plan B' and reopens TSB as a separate bank

Fresh Eurozone fears over Portugal's 'unsustainable' debt

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Thu 4 Jul, AT 12:41

Interest rates soar as governing coalition descends into chaos in row over EU austerity measures

EU 'moving away from austerity'

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Wed 29 May, AT 13:43

France, Spain and the Netherlands to be given a waiver on the annual 3% deficit limit

Cameron warns petrol bosses: you will face full force of law

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Thu 16 May, AT 10:39

Oil bosses could be prosecuted if they are found to have rigged petrol prices, Prime Minister warns

Microsoft fined half-a-billion euros over browser choice

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Wed 6 Mar, AT 16:11

Computer giant punished for omitting a single line of code from Windows 7 update


Ryanair plans Tel Aviv flights after buoyant profit forecast

Tue 29 Jan, AT 10:29

Business travellers and reserved seating boost figures for low-budget Irish airline