European Commission

US and EU flags
17 Jun, 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership aims to create the world's biggest free trade zone

01 Oct, 2014

Caps on interchange fees are good for business, but could mean banks pass the cost on to customers

A hairdryer from a fashion show
29 Aug, 2014

Ban on range of household goods would seek to combat climate change, but is it another example of 'nannying' interference?

10 Jan, 2014

Brussels official wants a 'United States of Europe’ but is she unintentionally helping Ukip win votes?

04 Dec, 2013

European Commission fines banks that formed illegal cartels to rig benchmark interest rates

09 Sep, 2013

After failed bid from Co-op, Lloyds turns to 'Plan B' and reopens TSB as a separate bank

04 Jul, 2013

Interest rates soar as governing coalition descends into chaos in row over EU austerity measures

29 May, 2013

France, Spain and the Netherlands to be given a waiver on the annual 3% deficit limit

16 May, 2013

Oil bosses could be prosecuted if they are found to have rigged petrol prices, Prime Minister warns

06 Mar, 2013

Computer giant punished for omitting a single line of code from Windows 7 update