European Commission

29 Jan, 2013

Business travellers and reserved seating boost figures for low-budget Irish airline

28 Nov, 2012

A new campaign aims to stop costly monthly ritual whereby 754 MEPs and staff decamp from Brussels

European Central Bank ECB
31 Oct, 2012

Labour is expected to join Tory rebels in voting for a cut in the EU budget, but the UK could end up paying more anyway...

Kindle 2
25 Oct, 2012

Luxembourg and France given one month to increase their rates of VAT on ebooks

Jose Manuel Barroso
24 Oct, 2012

Ten EU states to push ahead with the financial transaction tax

24 Jul, 2012

Credit rating agency says stable eurozone nations are threatened by developments in Spain and Greece

31 May, 2012

Europe's fourth-largest economy needs help as markets tumble and fears of a banking collapse mount

Eurozone 'Grexit' meeting
24 May, 2012

German central bank says a Greek exit would be manageable and eurozone countries are drawing up contingency plans

Richard Ehrman
13 Mar, 2012

Once unthinkable, now Angela Merkel happily interferes in French presidential election

23 Dec, 2011

Joy at credit card charge ban underestimates wily entrepreneurs like Michael O'Leary