European Parliament

EU referendum: the pros and cons of Britain leaving the EU

Fri 8 May, AT 10:33

Conservative victory indicates in/out European Union referendum will be held within two years

Flags outside European Parliament

European Elections: what the parties have to say for themselves

Thu 22 May, AT 07:59

Upcoming vote will give people a chance to make their feelings clear about the EU and immigration

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage 'may sue' after EU expenses allegations

One-Minute Read
Tue 15 Apr, AT 10:41

Ukip leader faces investigation into £60,000 of 'missing' European Union funds

Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP

UKIP 'bongo bongo' scandal: who is Godfrey Bloom, MEP?

First Reaction
Wed 7 Aug, AT 09:21

Bloom stands by his foreign aid remarks, saying it's 'what people at the cricket club think'


In defence of Strasbourg: a French city under siege again

Fri 31 May, AT 07:41
Nigel Horne

Tory MEP aims to persuade the EU to abandon the costly 'Strasbourg circus'. Shame, says Nigel Horne

Can 1m people stop the gravy train?

First Post
Fri 12 May, AT 11:28

As another trek to Strasbourg begins, Nigel Horne reports on a petition to halt the monthly ritual

How to end the Strasbourg ritual

Point of View
Wed 26 Apr, AT 11:19

Dan Hannan, one of the 732 MEPs who must go to Alsace every month, proposes a solution

How the EU could save €1.2bn: shut down Strasbourg circus

First Post
Wed 28 Nov, AT 08:20

A new campaign aims to stop costly monthly ritual whereby 754 MEPs and staff decamp from Brussels

Gherkin; City of London

European Parliament backs Tobin tax idea

Tue 8 Mar, AT 15:37

Business digest: The move increases pressure on Brussels to consider the idea of a tax on bank transactions

Farage rant makes Van Rompuy hero - in Belgium

Wed 10 Mar, AT 15:11

‘Damp rag’ EU president Herman Van Rompuy says he pities Nigel Farage for his outburst