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European Parliament

Farage rant makes Van Rompuy hero - in Belgium

Wed 10 Mar, AT 15:11

‘Damp rag’ EU president Herman Van Rompuy says he pities Nigel Farage for his outburst

Rachida Dati

Rachida Dati’s opponents gleeful at her EU gaffe

Wed 16 Dec, AT 07:23

‘I can’t take any more!’ says frustrated former French minister, now ‘a simple MEP’

Tony Blair

William Hague warns against ‘President Blair’

Thu 22 Oct, AT 14:55

Hague tells ambassadors that appointing Tony Blair as EU president would be a hostile act

David Cameron and Michal Kaminski

David Cameron's damaging association with a Polish extremist

Wed 5 Aug, AT 18:51

Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the Conservatives' European Parliament bloc, has some embarrassing views on Jews and gays

Barbara Matera

Griffin joins right-wing MEP beauties

Mon 8 Jun, AT 19:10

But unfortunately for the BNP leader Nick Griffin, Silvio Berlusconi’s plan to pack the European Parliament with right-wing ‘showgirls’ has been foiled