European Parliament

Tony Blair
22 Oct, 2009

Hague tells ambassadors that appointing Tony Blair as EU president would be a hostile act

David Cameron and Michal Kaminski
05 Aug, 2009

Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the Conservatives' European Parliament bloc, has some embarrassing views on Jews and gays

Barbara Matera
08 Jun, 2009

But unfortunately for the BNP leader Nick Griffin, Silvio Berlusconi’s plan to pack the European Parliament with right-wing ‘showgirls’ has been foiled

House of Commons
08 Jun, 2009

If we paid our MPs as much as politicians are paid abroad, so it’s argued, then the expenses scandal could have been avoided

29 May, 2009

As the parties canvass for your vote ahead of the European elections on June 4, here are the questions that expose the contradictions of their policies

13 May, 2009

The Mole: It was a lacklustre PMQs as both parties face up to the humiliation of the expenses fiasco, says our Westminster insider

Angela Sozio Barbara Matera
23 Apr, 2009

Italian PM picks a glamorous line up of female candidates for Strasbourg poll

12 May, 2006

As another trek to Strasbourg begins, Nigel Horne reports on a petition to halt the monthly ritual

26 Apr, 2006

Dan Hannan, one of the 732 MEPs who must go to Alsace every month, proposes a solution