Dhaka factory collapse: protest as death toll hits 400

One-Minute Read Wed 1 May, AT 11:55

Thousands of textile workers chant 'hang the killers' in May Day demonstration as EU warns on trade perks

Euroscepticism: would an EU army, or football team, help?

Talking Point Thu 25 Apr, AT 15:28

It used to be the British disease but more Europeans are questioning the EU

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost

Thatcher funeral costs: Hague defends taxpayer funding

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Apr, AT 13:22

Foreign Secretary intervenes as preparations for £10m 'Operation True Blue' intensify

EU referendum: Britain would leave if vote were held now

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Jan, AT 10:35

Populus poll finds majority of Britons would vote to leave EU in wake of Cameron's big speech


UKIP's Farage claims victory as Cameron pledges referendum

Wed 23 Jan, AT 09:47 The Mole

'A British Prime Minister is at least discussing leaving Europe – it means the genie is out of the bottle'


Clegg accuses PM of inflicting 'chilling effect' on jobs, growth

Tue 15 Jan, AT 09:54 The Mole

Double whammy: Clegg hits Cameron day after Lib Dem peers vote against boundary changes


In/out EU referendum would be 'false choice', says Cameron

Mon 14 Jan, AT 10:31 The Mole

Cameron wriggles on Today as poll shows Tory members know he's playing politics over Europe


Google faces EU crackdown for diverting traffic to own services

Brief Fri 11 Jan, AT 08:20

Search giant accused of abusing its position by EU competition chief Joaquin Almunia

Rebel in Aleppo, Syria

Britain acknowledges rebels as Syria’s only legitimate voice

One-Minute Read Tue 20 Nov, AT 15:53

William Hague officially recognises Syrian opposition, but makes no mention of arming rebels

Flights grounded as millions join EU austerity protests

One-Minute Read Wed 14 Nov, AT 10:20

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes