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UKIP's Farage rejects Tory pact over PM's 'closet racists' attack

Mon 26 Nov, AT 09:37
The Mole

Cameron under pressure to withdraw 2006 remark about UKIP's 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists'

EU budget: is UK really isolated and can Cameron 'win'?

Tue 20 Nov, AT 13:57

Desperate to agree an EU budget freeze, Britain looks isolated - and that's exactly what some EU countries want

Tories and the EU: it was never going to be easy for Cameron

Thu 18 Oct, AT 08:55
Richard Ehrman

As the PM attends another Brussels summit, he has to accept his party is now fundamentally eurosceptic


Tory Eurosceptics need a Wellington to see off the EU

Opinion digest
Mon 2 Jul, AT 09:50

Opinion Digest: Cameron's referendum pledge, Spain's magnificence, Chloe Smith's debacle

Seven alternatives to the EU (in case it all gets too much)

Point of View
Wed 16 Nov, AT 07:57

As German leaders issue heavy-handed threats, here's a timely survey of Britain’s options

Another eurozone crisis, and this time it's serious

Talking Point
Thu 10 Nov, AT 14:23

An imbalance in Europe's economies threatens the euro, but leaders are in denial

Richard Ehrman

Tory rebels have done David Cameron real damage

Tue 25 Oct, AT 14:08
Richard Ehrman

The vote was not just about Europe – it was about whether Tories still trust their leader