16 Apr, 2013

Precious metal's price drops to two-year low as analysts say bull market could be over

15 Apr, 2013

With its treatment of Cyprus, the EU has unwittingly made the cost of leaving the euro much less daunting

27 Mar, 2013

From our man in Cyprus with the holiday home and the increasingly worthless euros

26 Mar, 2013

Eurozone finance minister head forced to say Cyprus is a 'special case'

11 Apr, 2013

European stocks have soared. So what should you do now?

12 Mar, 2013

Prime Minister of Luxembourg is accused of scaremongering for political purposes

06 Mar, 2013

Caution warning as markets return to levels not seen since before the global financial crisis

13 Dec, 2012

Finance ministers have reached a deal on rules for supervising eurozone banks