Eurozone recession 'set to worsen'

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Tue 7 May, AT 13:23

'The data fuels concerns the eurozone is headed for further GDP contraction', he adds

Why has gold suffered its sharpest fall in 30 years?

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Tue 16 Apr, AT 12:13

Precious metal's price drops to two-year low as analysts say bull market could be over

For southern Europeans, leaving the euro now makes more sense

Mon 15 Apr, AT 10:03
Richard Ehrman

With its treatment of Cyprus, the EU has unwittingly made the cost of leaving the euro much less daunting

Waiting for the banks to open: Cypriots fear an exodus

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Wed 27 Mar, AT 16:28

From our man in Cyprus with the holiday home and the increasingly worthless euros

Jeroen Dijsselbloem forced into U-turn after Cyprus comments

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Tue 26 Mar, AT 10:11

Eurozone finance minister head forced to say Cyprus is a 'special case'

It still pays to stick with Europe

Personal Finance
Thu 11 Apr, AT 13:24

European stocks have soared. So what should you do now?

Europe's 'demons are sleeping' warns Juncker: is he right?

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Tue 12 Mar, AT 15:02

Prime Minister of Luxembourg is accused of scaremongering for political purposes

Dow Jones and FTSE hit record highs as confidence surges

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Wed 6 Mar, AT 09:45

Caution warning as markets return to levels not seen since before the global financial crisis