Robert Fox
11 Dec, 2012

He may be a fool, and he may face an underage sex charge, but he still connects with Italian people

07 Dec, 2012

Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president, says interest rates may have to be cut

06 Dec, 2012

Reform of planning and employment law has been endlessly promised but never seems to happen

14 Nov, 2012

Goverment austerity measures across Europe forces telecommunications giant forced to write off billions in debt

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande
19 Oct, 2012

ECB will become single supervisor for all eurozone banks, making bailouts simpler to organise

18 Oct, 2012

As the PM attends another Brussels summit, he has to accept his party is now fundamentally eurosceptic

15 Oct, 2012

Scots deal ramps up the pressure for an in/out vote on EU – and further exposes rift between Tories and Lib Dems

12 Oct, 2012

Controversial, political, comical: after twice rejecting EU membership, Norwegians give award to Brussels