Corn being harvested

World food cost 'set to soar' due to US Midwest drought

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Jul, AT 13:05

American corn and wheat prices jump 10% in a single week as hot temperatures blight Midwest

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry

PM opens door to EU referendum – but does he mean business?

Briefing Sun 1 Jul, AT 10:17

David Cameron makes landmark move towards a referendum – but only when ‘the time is right’

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: Merkel needs a change in attitude to save euro

Summary Fri 29 Jun, AT 15:50

Germany's prescription of austerity for Europe is making problems worse, says eminent economist

Angela Merkel and Mario Monti

EU cash breakthrough: what is it and what does it mean?

Briefing Fri 29 Jun, AT 08:42

Italian and Spanish banks can be bailed out by funds given directly to them, avoiding government debt


Barclays scandal demands Leveson-style bank inquiry

Opinion digest Thu 28 Jun, AT 10:56

Opinion Digest: Barclays scandal increases distrust; Cameron and Clegg are too inexperienced

Angela Merkel

Germany's 'self-interest' could ruin Eurozone, warns Soros

One-Minute Read Tue 26 Jun, AT 07:15

Angela Merkel's 'can't do' attitude could prove fatal says George Soros, who wants EU debt reduction fund

Demitris Christofias

Cyprus: Communist leader has leverage with Brussels

First Post Tue 26 Jun, AT 11:19

If President Christofias doesn't like the EU's bailout conditions he could go to Moscow instead

Richard Ehrman

Greece has done as it was told. Now will Germany finally budge?

Tue 19 Jun, AT 07:22 Richard Ehrman

Greece voted the 'correct' way, but unless Germany makes big concessions, the slow motion car crash will continue

George Osborne holding a pound

Want growth? Osborne must ask BofE to drop government debt

Wed 13 Jun, AT 07:31 Richard Ehrman

If the Bank wrote off its government bonds, UK debt would instantly fall by a third - and nobody would lose out

Piggy bank pensions

Why are UK private pensions so bad and what can be done?

Summary Tue 12 Jun, AT 15:09

A report published yesterday shows that UK pensions offer some of the worst returns in the developed world