eurozone crisis

A technician at work on a factory production line
20 Aug, 2014

UK manufacturing costs now rival those in Eastern Europe, but low-paid workers may not join the celebrations

04 Jul, 2013

Interest rates soar as governing coalition descends into chaos in row over EU austerity measures

10 Jun, 2013

During state visit to Japan, French president claims the crisis has strengthened Europe

15 Apr, 2013

As many as 400,000 Britons with homes in the south of Spain could be hit by proposals to make rich pay

Cyprus bank levy ATM 180313
18 Mar, 2013

A journalist with a holiday home in Cyprus explains why so many ex-pats are affected by the bank levy

28 Nov, 2012

OECD says British output will increase by 0.9 per cent in 2013, but unemployment will also rise

14 Nov, 2012

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes

28 Sep, 2012

Greece ponders a Spanish-style recapitalisation of its banks

Mervyn King
21 Sep, 2012

King says Chancellor has a good excuse because world economy is in trouble, but claims economic recovery is on its way