eurozone crisis

17 Nov, 2011

Germany faces increasing pressure to allow European Central Bank to print money

Richard Ehrman
07 Nov, 2011

The ECB needs to act like a lender of last resort and buy the departing country's outstanding bonds

02 Nov, 2011

Offer thrashed out last week is not up for negotiation, Papandreou is warned

Chinese yuan
17 Oct, 2011

Business Digest: Chinese finance ministers say that help is dependent on EU sorting out its books

Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket
13 Oct, 2011

Business digest: Shrinking growth sparks fear that Asia is suffering contagion from eurozone crisis

Dexia bank
10 Oct, 2011

Business digest: France, Belgium and Luxembourg come together to prevent bank from failing

Gherkin; City of London
28 Sep, 2011

Business digest: Banks told to save cash as eurozone crisis threatens losses

Lloyds of London
21 Sep, 2011

Insurance giant’s move follows Siemens’ decision to remove E500m from Societe Generale

Silvio Berlusconi
20 Sep, 2011

Business digest: Credit ratings agency expresses doubts over Italy’s ability to cut it huge debts

500 euro note
14 Sep, 2011

Talking point: the markets are spooked, Europe’s leaders are in denial, time to batten the hatches