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eurozone crisis

Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket

IMF: Europe’s debt crisis could be spreading to Asia

Thu 13 Oct, AT 16:14

Business digest: Shrinking growth sparks fear that Asia is suffering contagion from eurozone crisis

Dexia bank

Dexia to be split up in three-part rescue plan

Mon 10 Oct, AT 10:39

Business digest: France, Belgium and Luxembourg come together to prevent bank from failing

Gherkin; City of London

BoE warns on bank bonuses and dividends

Wed 28 Sep, AT 16:21

Business digest: Banks told to save cash as eurozone crisis threatens losses

Lloyds of London

Lloyd’s of London pulls deposits from Euro banks

Wed 21 Sep, AT 16:31

Insurance giant’s move follows Siemens’ decision to remove E500m from Societe Generale

Silvio Berlusconi

Fears grow as S&P cuts Italy’s credit rating

Tue 20 Sep, AT 11:41

Business digest: Credit ratings agency expresses doubts over Italy’s ability to cut it huge debts