500 euro note

‘Ill-conceived’ eurozone is headed for disaster

News Wed 14 Sep, AT 13:18

Talking point: the markets are spooked, Europe’s leaders are in denial, time to batten the hatches


Brics countries discuss aid for eurozone

News Wed 14 Sep, AT 11:33

Business digest: Leading emerging economies may buy up the debt of eurozone countries


Stock markets rebound as Germany backs bail-outs

News Thu 8 Sep, AT 10:48

Business digest: But German high court warns that financial rescues must be voted on by MPs in future

Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel

What are eurobonds? Can they end the euro crisis?

News Wed 17 Aug, AT 13:36

Briefing: Merkel ruled them out yesterday, but many believe eurobonds are the only tool that can save the euro


Time to recapitalise EU banks on a massive scale

News Tue 16 Aug, AT 14:22

First reaction: As German and eurozone growth falls, Gordon Brown calls for wholesale reform of the euro