eurozone crisis

Bank of Ireland

Irish banks’ ratings reduced to junk status

Mon 18 Apr, AT 17:10

Business digest: Eurozone under pressure again as Ireland suffers double credit downgrade

500 euro note

Eurozone countries agree bail-out fund

Fri 25 Mar, AT 10:12

Business digest: Months of deliberation come to an end with creation of European Stability Mechanism

greek bank

Moody’s cuts Greece credit rating by three points

Mon 7 Mar, AT 13:21

Business digest: Country faces crisis as its credit rating is labelled ‘highly speculative’

European Central Bank ECB

Contagion spreads to Italy after Ireland bailout

Tue 30 Nov, AT 15:57

Business digest: But if Portugal and Spain have to be rescued, there won’t be any money for Italy

Deutsche Mark

German exit from euro ‘realistic prospect in 2011’

Wed 24 Nov, AT 09:43

Weak members should stay in the euro - Germany should resurrect the Deutsche Mark, says analyst