Evan Davis

Russell Brand
06 Nov, 2014

Russell Brand's Newsnight appearance has been mixed together with Blur's 90s hit Parklife

26 Aug, 2014

Senior Tory pooh-poohs presenter Evan Davis's remark – but what's this?

Evan Davis
21 Jul, 2014

'Outstanding journalist' Evan Davis will replace Paxman – but should the BBC have hired a woman?

16 Jul, 2013

Appointment suggests BBC chief Tony Hall is keen to address 'gender imbalance' at public broadcaster

26 Jun, 2013

Chancellor will hand intelligence agencies extra cash today while other departments suffer £11.5bn hair cut

07 Dec, 2012

'It could have been better handled,' BBC executive admits – but Davis is off the hook for tough interview

06 Nov, 2012

Meanwhile X himself tells Telegraph the sex abuse allegations are 'totally without any grounds'

31 Oct, 2012

Heseltine's call for regional powers is anathema to Tories who cheered the abolition of Labour's measures

Isle of Wight festival 2012
22 Jun, 2012

Hundreds of music fans stranded in cars overnight as festival site turns to mudbath following heavy rain

22 Mar, 2012

Besieged Chancellor opens another can of worms by claiming he doesn't win from the Budget