Jack Wilshere
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20 Dec, 2013

Player must pay the price after being caught on camera gesturing to the crowd during City loss

In Depth
13 Dec, 2013

Betting industry insiders say punters betting on fixed matches would be quickly detected

News Hub
29 Nov, 2013

Pair accused of 'influencing the course of football matches' as FA comes under pressure to act

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17 Oct, 2013

But first there will be a friendlies against Germany and possibly Argentina at Wembley

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14 Oct, 2013

FA forced to increase away allocation in order to maintain segregation of fans

Fernando Torres
One-Minute Read
02 Oct, 2013

Blues get European campaign back on track with 4-0 win over Steaua Bucharest

17 Sep, 2013

Getting a professional player to tackle anti-gay sentiment is a victory in itself

07 Aug, 2013

Survey to mark Bobby Robson Day shows 91% have dodged a social event because there's a game on

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29 Jul, 2013

Scudamore says he is frustrated that England's failures are pinned on club competition

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10 Jul, 2013

Dad of Chelsea star charged with 'racially aggravated' offences after alleged brawl in London