Nasdaq Drops

Technology shares in decline: Dotbomb 2.0 or slow puncture?

Personal Finance Fri 11 Apr, AT 16:17

Shares in tech giants including Google, Yahoo and Facebook fall sharply, but could it be time to invest?

Heartbleed logo hacking openSSL

Heartbleed security threat: is it time to change your passwords?

Briefing Fri 11 Apr, AT 16:30

Some websites now recommend that users should change passwords in response to the Heartbleed breach

Fly me to the moon: Oculus Rift is just the beginning

Tue 8 Apr, AT 08:01 Edie Lush

Will Zuckerberg keep to his promise to promote virtual reality outside of the world of gamers?

Anti-social networking – or how secrecy became all the rage

Wed 26 Mar, AT 10:26 Edie Lush

Cloak pulls in public location data to help you avoid people – and it's just the tip of the iceberg

Oculus Headset

Oculus: why has Facebook bought virtual gaming company for $2bn?

First Reaction Wed 26 Mar, AT 09:49

Tech community divided by Facebook's purchase of much-hyped virtual reality firm Oculus VR

Cloak: new 'anti-social' app helps users avoid friends

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Mar, AT 12:33

New smartphone app uses FourSquare and Instagram to help people steer clear of unwanted interactions

Can Mark Zuckerberg lecture Barack Obama on privacy?

Talking Point Fri 14 Mar, AT 16:39

Zuckerberg has often been accused of a lax attitude to internet privacy, but the NSA revelations may have changed that

WhatsApp: is Facebook's acquisition worth $19bn?

Briefing Thu 20 Feb, AT 10:07

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the WhatsApp messaging service is 'incredibly valuable'

Facebook to change policy after father's emotional plea

One-Minute Read Fri 7 Feb, AT 13:14

John Berlin's video pleading to see his dead son's Look Back video has received 1.8 million views

#neknomination: internet plus alcohol can be lethal

Thu 6 Feb, AT 08:16 The Conversation

Internet provides a high even without the booze, say cyber-psychologists Ciaran Mc Mahon and Mary Aiken