Falklands war

Sir Galahad in flames during Falklands War
12 Jun, 2015

Argentina's interest in 'the Malvinas' had been simmering for years before war roke out in the Falklands

19 Jun, 2015

Thatcher quarrelled with her foreign secretary over efforts to resolve the Falklands crisis diplomatically

16 Apr, 2013

Will we want Tony Blair to get a similar send-off? His claim to being a war leader is greater than Thatcher's

12 Apr, 2013


Broadcaster's argument for playing anti-Thatcher song contradicts its history of censorship

19 Jun, 2014

From the Falklands war to financial deregulation and the poll tax, Thatcher transformed UK politics

08 Apr, 2013

Britain's first and only female PM was a 'great PM and great Briton' says David Cameron

27 Feb, 2013

Why did Ed Miliband allow Labour, which is backed by many patriots, to pick O'Farrell for Eastleigh?

11 Jan, 2013

The campaign that has cost the Army 439 lives in Afghanistan was never endorsed by MPs

British ambassador to Chile - Jon Benjamin
16 Oct, 2012

Jon Benjamin posted reference to lewd football song labelling Argentines 'gays' and 'cowards'

Crispin Black
01 Aug, 2012

It is a matter of honour to ensure the dead from both sides are remembered with care and respect