North Korea back online: did US bring down the internet?

First Reaction
Tue 23 Dec, AT 10:55

Experts sceptical over whether the US was behind North Korea's internet blackout

Kim Kardashian

Hackers release more stolen nude celebrity photographs

One-Minute Read
Mon 22 Sep, AT 14:19

Kim Kardashian, Avril Lavigne and Mary-Kate Olsen all targeted in second batch of private images

Jennifer Lawrence

Nude celebrity photo leak investigated by FBI and Apple

Talking Point
Tue 2 Sep, AT 11:06

Hacker claims responsibility for coordinating team which stole nude photos of 101 celebrities

NeoFace: how police face-detection software works

Tue 26 Aug, AT 15:51

From Facebook to the FBI, facial recognition software is everywhere – but is it a 'critical threat' to our privacy?

The CIA seal

Terrorism watchlist: secret US rules revealed

Fri 25 Jul, AT 15:37

Agencies don't need 'concrete facts' to label individuals terrorists – so how are people watchlisted?

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse: why two clown rappers are suing the FBI

Wed 25 Jun, AT 15:32

Fans of the Insane Clown Posse claim they have been harassed by police after FBI called them a 'gang'

Computer hackers

Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker: how to protect yourself

Wed 4 Jun, AT 10:27

Security advice site remains offline 24 hours after revelation of Gameover Zeus cyber threat

Charles Laurence

'I was no Mob rat' says Rev Al Sharpton. Pull the other one...

Wed 9 Apr, AT 11:25
Charles Laurence

The revelation that Obama's friend Sharpton was an FBI snitch in the 1980s has the ring of truth

Ross William Ulbricht

Silk Road 'founder' Ross Ulbricht 'ordered' six killings

One-Minute Read
Fri 22 Nov, AT 10:03

US prosecutors say alleged 'dark web' kingpin paid $730,000 in Bitcoin for 'hits' on six men

Silk Road: how web's 'drug bazaar' was shut down by FBI

Thu 3 Oct, AT 10:34

Alleged owner Ross Ulbricht held on charges including trafficking and trying to hire hitman