Woman harassed 100 times in one day in NYC – video

Video Wed 29 Oct, AT 16:28

Campaign video designed to raise awareness of street harassment goes viral as actress receives rape and death threats

Could women-only trains reduce sexual assaults?

Talking Point Mon 20 Oct, AT 15:38

Campaigners say idea 'teeters perilously close to victim-blaming', but minister says she wouldn't rule it out

Emma Watson at the UN

Emma Watson nude photo leak was an 'elaborate hoax'

Summary Wed 24 Sep, AT 15:40

Picture threat is followed by another 'hoax within a hoax' orchestrated by serial internet spammers

Katie Price

Is this the end of topless models on Page 3?

First Reaction Fri 12 Sep, AT 10:31

Campaigners celebrate as Murdoch says it's 'old fashioned'– but editors say readers still want it

New Battle of the Sexes will only end when internet grows up

Fri 9 May, AT 09:28 Holden Frith

Kirsty Wark documentary addresses online abuse but fails to tackle the witless misogynists

Oppressed Majority: how does it feel to be a woman? – video

Video Thu 13 Feb, AT 16:00

French film that turns everyday sexism on its head draws five million viewers on YouTube

Femen leader: British women need 'sextremism'

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Inna Shevchenko sets out to answer her critics and explain why the UK needs Femen

Emily Davison

Emily Davison: What is the suffragette's legacy today?

Talking Point Tue 4 Jun, AT 12:21

100 years after Davison become a feminist martyr opinion is still divided on her legacy and intentions

Margaret Thatcher: feminist icon or sister without mercy?

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Barack Obama holds up Thatcher as an example to his girls – yet what did she ever do for women?

Beware the fossilised females who caused this Church crisis

Point of View Wed 21 Nov, AT 15:00

Without female bishops, something rich and fundamental is missing from the Anglican Church