Emma Watson at the UN

Emma Watson threatened with nude photo leak after UN speech

First Reaction Tue 23 Sep, AT 14:53

Trolls respond to actor's speech on feminism by threatening to publish stolen photographs

Katie Price

Is this the end of topless models on Page 3?

First Reaction Fri 12 Sep, AT 10:31

Campaigners celebrate as Murdoch says it's 'old fashioned'– but editors say readers still want it

New Battle of the Sexes will only end when internet grows up

Fri 9 May, AT 09:28 Holden Frith

Kirsty Wark documentary addresses online abuse but fails to tackle the witless misogynists

Oppressed Majority: how does it feel to be a woman? – video

Video Thu 13 Feb, AT 16:00

French film that turns everyday sexism on its head draws five million viewers on YouTube

Femen leader: British women need 'sextremism'

Talking Point Wed 13 Nov, AT 14:50

Inna Shevchenko sets out to answer her critics and explain why the UK needs Femen

Emily Davison

Emily Davison: What is the suffragette's legacy today?

Talking Point Tue 4 Jun, AT 12:21

100 years after Davison become a feminist martyr opinion is still divided on her legacy and intentions

Margaret Thatcher: feminist icon or sister without mercy?

Talking Point Tue 9 Apr, AT 16:20

Barack Obama holds up Thatcher as an example to his girls – yet what did she ever do for women?

Beware the fossilised females who caused this Church crisis

Point of View Wed 21 Nov, AT 15:00

Without female bishops, something rich and fundamental is missing from the Anglican Church

Tamsin Greig ‘cringingly funny’ as mid-life mum in Jumpy

Hot Ticket Mon 3 Sep, AT 07:29

Feminism and motherhood questioned in funniest play the West End has seen in ages

Romola Garai as Bel Rowley, Joan Bakewell

Star of The Hour is a little too modern, says Bakewell

News Tue 19 Jul, AT 08:18

That swinging hair and confidence came only after feminism, says veteran BBC broadcaster