'Feminist beer' combats sexism in Brazil

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Mar, AT 15:16

Cerveja Feminista is intended to challenge stereotypes of women in advertising and wider society

Men's rights movement: why it is so controversial?

Thu 19 Feb, AT 13:21

Activists claim to fight discrimination against men, but critics argue they're apologists for misogyny

Gender neutral clothing: the trend that's breaking down barriers

Talking Point
Wed 28 Jan, AT 15:59

Selfridges becomes the first British retailer to respond to the increasing demand for gender neutral fashion

Justice for Men and Boys: what we learnt from the manifesto

Wed 14 Jan, AT 15:48

Britain's anti-feminist party says men are underrepresented in politics and compares feminists to Nazis

2014: It was a good year for…

Sat 27 Dec, AT 08:31

From feminists to cannabis smokers – the groups that have had cause for celebration this year

Woman harassed 100 times in one day in NYC – video

Wed 29 Oct, AT 16:28

Campaign video designed to raise awareness of street harassment goes viral as actress receives rape and death threats

Could women-only trains reduce sexual assaults?

Talking Point
Mon 20 Oct, AT 15:38

Campaigners say idea 'teeters perilously close to victim-blaming', but minister says she wouldn't rule it out

Emma Watson at the UN

Emma Watson nude photo leak was an 'elaborate hoax'

Wed 24 Sep, AT 15:40

Picture threat is followed by another 'hoax within a hoax' orchestrated by serial internet spammers

Katie Price

Is this the end of topless models on Page 3?

First Reaction
Fri 12 Sep, AT 10:31

Campaigners celebrate as Murdoch says it's 'old fashioned'– but editors say readers still want it

New Battle of the Sexes will only end when internet grows up

Fri 9 May, AT 09:28
Holden Frith

Kirsty Wark documentary addresses online abuse but fails to tackle the witless misogynists