Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso
19 Mar, 2015

Fears for his health are apparently unfounded after intensive medical scans give Alonso the all-clear

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari F1 driver
06 Mar, 2015

Reports suggest Alonso thought he was 13-year-old go-karter when he woke up in hospital

Fernando Alonso
04 Mar, 2015

Doctors order Fernando Alonso to miss Melbourne Grand Prix after a 133mph accident two weeks ago

Lewis Hamilton, Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes
14 Mar, 2014

Not even Nostradamus would be able to predict what will happen this season

25 Oct, 2013

The race in Delhi gets the all clear, but it is likely to be the last in India for some time

11 Sep, 2013

Can Ice Man Raikkonen help the lagging Italian giants turn up the heat in 2014?

30 Jul, 2013

Mercedes driver focuses on title push as victory in Hungary follows emotional break-up

01 Jul, 2013

Drivers put in danger by a series of dramatic high-speed punctures at Silverstone

10 Jun, 2013

Death of a marshal overshadows race as Alonso once again proves he is main rival to Vettel

13 May, 2013

Fernando Alonso clinches the Spanish Grand Prix as Mercedes suffer in tyre fiasco