Mohamed Bin Hammam

Bin Hammam: Fifa finds mega-evidence of bribery

News Thu 23 Jun, AT 09:33

Now Tory MP ridicules Fifa’s claim that Jack Warner can be ‘presumed innocent’

Jack Warner Fifa

Does Warner’s exit put Qatar World Cup at risk?

News Tue 21 Jun, AT 11:49

First reaction: whiff of scandal remains as Warner walks away from football

Jack Warner Fifa

‘I’ve been hung out to dry' - Jack Warner quits Fifa

News Tue 21 Jun, AT 08:57

Jack Warner stands down, enabling Blatter to drop awkward ethics inquiry

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Blatter refuses to order Qatar World Cup inquiry

News Tue 7 Jun, AT 08:12

If one of Fifa’s committees wants to, fine, but he’s not interested – despite the allegations of bribery

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Fifa fiasco: a breakaway is no longer unthinkable

Column Fri 3 Jun, AT 08:45

It's not just the gravy train culture at Fifa that's objectionable. It's the bad decisions for football