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Jack Warner Fifa

Does Warner’s exit put Qatar World Cup at risk?

Tue 21 Jun, AT 11:49

First reaction: whiff of scandal remains as Warner walks away from football

Jack Warner Fifa

‘I’ve been hung out to dry' - Jack Warner quits Fifa

Tue 21 Jun, AT 08:57

Jack Warner stands down, enabling Blatter to drop awkward ethics inquiry

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Blatter refuses to order Qatar World Cup inquiry

Tue 7 Jun, AT 08:12

If one of Fifa’s committees wants to, fine, but he’s not interested – despite the allegations of bribery

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Fifa fiasco: a breakaway is no longer unthinkable

Fri 3 Jun, AT 08:45

It's not just the gravy train culture at Fifa that's objectionable. It's the bad decisions for football

Sepp Blatter

Fifa farce: British press turn on Blatter after vote

Thu 2 Jun, AT 11:29

Papers react furiously to events at the Fifa congress and attacks on English FA