Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup
31 May, 2011

Emirates joins Coke and Adidas as it expresses its concern over Fifa scandal

Sepp Blatter Fifa
31 May, 2011

‘Football is not in a crisis... we can deal with our problems internally’ Blatter tells the world

Mohamed Bin Hammam
30 May, 2011

‘Evidence to justify bribery’ inquiry – but Lord Triesman’s allegations are thrown out

Sepp Blatter Mohamed Bin Hammam Fifa
29 May, 2011

Sepp Blatter now has no rival in race for presidency, but corruption probe beckons

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup
27 May, 2011

Mohamed Bin Hammam accuses his rival as Fifa descends into civil war

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup
26 May, 2011

Observers wring their hands at the politics and allegations at football’s governing body

Mohamed Bin Hammam Qatar
25 May, 2011

US official points finger at Jack Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam, days before presidential election

Jack Wilshere England
20 May, 2011

Fifa president perplexed as FA says it will not vote in the upcoming election, after corruption claims

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup
18 May, 2011

Fifa president accuses British of being ‘stubborn’ as he aims for re-election