Film of the Week

A Game of Shadows brings panto to action cinema

Fri 16 Dec, AT 10:28

Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes sequel owes little to Conan Doyle, but it's rollicking good fun

Mysteries of Lisbon: fitting testament to arthouse great

Fri 9 Dec, AT 11:01

Raul Ruiz's last film is long, but there is no time to get bored in this fast-paced thinking person's soap

After six years in limbo, Paquin film sees the light

Fri 2 Dec, AT 07:54

Paquin is exciting to watch in Kenneth Lonergan's flawed but often brilliant second feature Margaret

Rachel Weisz shines in film of Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea

Fri 25 Nov, AT 09:47

Terence Davies's film version of this classic tale of destructive adultery may be a little too faithful

Stunning, bleak and chilling - the true story of Snowtown

Fri 18 Nov, AT 14:22

Director Justin Kurzel's first feature film will knock your socks off, say critics, if you can bear it

Arnold's stark Wuthering Heights a roaring success

Fri 11 Nov, AT 12:59

A 'beautiful rough beast of a movie' that only falls down as the lovers become adults

Justin Timberlake stars in Andrew Niccol's 'In Time'

Fri 4 Nov, AT 16:35

In a world where time is money after age 25, Timberlake inherits a fortune

Beware The Ides of March - not Clooney's best

Fri 28 Oct, AT 13:34

Ryan Gosling and Philip Seymour Hoffman shine, but this political drama gets few votes

Is Contagion the year’s scariest movie?

Fri 21 Oct, AT 22:13

It may have big names but the super-bug is the real star in Soderbergh's chilling global disease thriller

Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty leaves critics snoring

Fri 14 Oct, AT 14:59

Film of the week: Even oodles of sexual references and Emily Browning can’t save this movie from its own stupor