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Floods: 'Money is no object' becomes 'No blank cheque'

Wed 12 Feb, AT 10:03
The Mole

Cameron's pledge that 'We are a wealthy country' has Whitehall spin doctors rowing quickly backwards

Crispin Black

Britain inundated – by dismal decisions from the top brass

Wed 12 Feb, AT 09:30
Crispin Black

From the Somerset Levels to Syria, poor leadership is wearing the public patience thin

Total flood protection is a myth: we must learn to live with it

Mon 10 Feb, AT 09:41
The Conversation

The trouble with building flood defences is that it encourages risky development, says Keith Beven

Flooding fiasco: timely op puts hapless Paterson out of frame

Thu 6 Feb, AT 09:32
The Mole

Environment Secretary's emergency operation means trusty Eric Pickles now takes charge of flooding

When will the rain stop? Parts of UK suffering record rainfall

One-Minute Read
Thu 30 Jan, AT 15:30

Swathes of England experience wettest January since records began more than 100 years ago

Flood prevention: deal imminent for new homes

Fri 10 Jan, AT 10:16

Four-year standoff betweeen developers, authorities and environmentalists may be coming to an end

UK floods: ministers to quiz insurers over claims

One-Minute Read
Tue 18 Feb, AT 09:12

Final floods damage bill could cost insurers as much as £1bn, prompting fears of a rise in premiums

UK weather: homes flooded as storm hits Britain

One-Minute Read
Fri 3 Jan, AT 15:20

Flood warnings issued across the UK as high tides combine with Atlantic storms to pose threat to life

Flood alert: gov't insurance solution already looks leaky

Thu 5 Dec, AT 09:59
The Conversation

With East Coast homes at risk from a tidal surge, Johanna Hjalmarsson issues a timely warning