06 Feb, 2014

Environment Secretary's emergency operation means trusty Eric Pickles now takes charge of flooding

30 Jan, 2014

Swathes of England experience wettest January since records began more than 100 years ago

10 Jan, 2014

Four-year standoff betweeen developers, authorities and environmentalists may be coming to an end

18 Feb, 2014

Final floods damage bill could cost insurers as much as £1bn, prompting fears of a rise in premiums

03 Jan, 2014

As Cobra meets to discuss flooding, Environment Secretary is left in deep water by predecessor

03 Jan, 2014

Flood warnings issued across the UK as high tides combine with Atlantic storms to pose threat to life

05 Dec, 2013

With East Coast homes at risk from a tidal surge, Johanna Hjalmarsson issues a timely warning