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Foreign aid

Foreign aid: where does UK's overseas development aid go?

Fri 17 Apr, AT 16:00

Investigation claims UK's foreign aid target has led to 'spending frenzy' with big multilateral agencies

Robert Fox

Why does Cameron want to raid foreign aid bank? Answer: Syria

Thu 21 Feb, AT 15:02
Robert Fox

PM's new strategy masks the ugly truth – that unless Trident is dropped, we cannot afford these missions

Support for Lord Ashcroft's bid to 'turn off the aid tap'

First Reaction
Tue 18 Sep, AT 11:12

Support for senior Tory who urged coalition to stop 'spraying around taxpayers' money' in Third World

Vaccination in Africa

Why Cameron’s vaccine plan makes good sense

Mon 13 Jun, AT 17:34

First reaction: £814m aid pledge will help Britain as well as world’s most vulnerable families