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10 Sep, 2014

Libya's parliament has decamped to a ship in the country's east, while Islamist militants roam the capital of Tripoli

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13 Dec, 2013

Millions of dollars of ransoms said to be spent on weapons, travel and training camps for terrorists

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17 Jul, 2013

Travel agents report drop in last-minute vacations abroad as Britons opt to sunbathe at home

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05 Apr, 2013

Foreign Office says invitation is 'rhetoric' but considers revising travel advice in the region

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05 Feb, 2013

Hector Timerman says the UN is obliged to step in and Buenos Aires will regain the disputed islands

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29 Jan, 2013

Man from Kent said to live with his mother yards from where victim was murdered in 'cold blood'

19 Dec, 2012

Decision to name a chunk of Antarctica after Queen is provocative, says geopolitics professor

17 Aug, 2012

Assange appears more useful to the wily President Correa than he is to the US authorities

Barack Obama in Afghanistan
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18 Apr, 2012

Obama's dad, Nazi butterfly hunters and coconut workers - Foreign Office papers lift lid on end of Empire

27 Mar, 2012

Opinion digest: Damien Hirst's artistic value and self-harming Tories