Oil drill
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09 Apr, 2015

Most experts warn that fracking would be needed to extract commercial quantities of oil from the region

A fracking site in Manchester
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16 Jan, 2015

Fracking has transformed the energy market in the US but critics say it will cause untold damage

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28 Jun, 2014

Chris Smith says anti-fracking campaigners’ environmental fears are ‘definitely exaggerated’

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25 Mar, 2014

Experts say more information is needed to assess the safety of fracking in the UK

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29 Jun, 2015

Company expected to appeal as government hopes of a shale gas boom take a blow

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19 Aug, 2013

Activists force way into Cuadrilla’s HQ and glue themselves to railings outside London PR firm

16 Aug, 2013

Church seeks rights just days after clergy condemn fracking as risk to 'God's creation'

30 Jul, 2013

More arrests in West Sussex village throw spotlight on contentious issue of shale gas exploration

19 Jul, 2013

Deals are designed to kick start the hunt for shale gas, but environmentalists are furious