Calais strike
One-Minute Read
03 Jul, 2015

M20 turns into lorry park as thousands of truckers queue up to cross the Channel to France

Minute's Silence
One-Minute Read
03 Jul, 2015

Tunisian police have detained eight people on suspicion of aiding the killer Seifeddine Rezgui

Marine Le Pen and Jean-Marie Le Pen
05 May, 2015

Far-right family feud deepens as the National Front's patriarch is suspended from the party he founded

German Wings
News Feed
12 Jun, 2015

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz feared he was going blind, but doctors were bound by patient confidentiality laws

18 Mar, 2015

Extramarital dating website Gleeden is facing a court battle in France for 'encouraging people to cheat'

One-Minute Read
18 Mar, 2015

The expensive delicacy, described as the 'Abu Ghraib of poultry dishes', at centre of legal battle in France

Alexis Vastine, Camille Muffat and Florence Arthaud
One-Minute Read
10 Mar, 2015

Ten people died when two helicopters appeared to collide during filming for a reality TV show in Argentina

Francois Hollande
One-Minute Read
24 Feb, 2015

French president urges 'faster, more effective sanctions' for racial crimes in the wake of kosher supermarket siege

One-Minute Read
04 Feb, 2015

Company says it was 'hacked' but scandal adds to fear French anti-Semitism is on the rise

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
One-Minute Read
02 Feb, 2015

L'Affaire du Carlton continues as former IMF chief faces charges of 'pimping in an organised group'