Brazil World Cup kit, Neymar, David Luiz, Oscar
In Depth
22 May, 2014

World Cup whispers: Brazil and France win in the fashion stakes, no joy for Bosnia and Honduras

Rebel fighters in Syria
One-Minute Read
24 Apr, 2014

Counter-terrorism chiefs ask Muslim women for help in stemming flow of UK fighters

24 Feb, 2014

A young restaurateur in Reims has joined the ranks of three-starred chefs. So, where's the champagne?

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21 Feb, 2014

Suspect who resembled e-fit was not involved in brutal killing of Surrey family, says prosecutor

07 Feb, 2014

It's not just McDonald's – three-quarters of French restaurants are now serving burgers

31 Jan, 2014

The key players and key clashes that will decide the outcome of this year's tournament

30 Jan, 2014

France was unfussed by Hollande's infidelity, but issue of same-sex relationships is a 'battleground'

Valerie Trierweiler
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27 Jan, 2014

President may have to pay out compensation for his ex-girlfriend's humiliation and loss of earnings

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22 Jan, 2014

Bernadette Chirac gives strongest indication to date that France's ex-president wants his old job back

21 Jan, 2014

If he continues his romance with Julie Gayet, she's unlikely to be seen at the Elysee or on foreign trips