21 Jan, 2014

If he continues his romance with Julie Gayet, she's unlikely to be seen at the Elysee or on foreign trips

20 Jan, 2014

France's First Lady is out of hospital, but worries that Paris flat she calls home is in president's name

16 Jan, 2014

A brilliant mind, a witty companion, a bon viveur – is this why the French President gets the girls?

15 Jan, 2014

Surrey police say there's not enough evidence, but prosecutor Maillaud says he's 'not finished' with Zaid

15 Jan, 2014

The French have kissed goodbye to the era of privacy: it's time the political class woke up, says John Gaffney

Valerie Trierweiler
14 Jan, 2014

Extended hospital visit allows dithering President to put off decision about his choice of First Lady

13 Jan, 2014

French president faces questions about First Lady's status following claims of alleged affair with actress

18 Dec, 2013

Robert Holden takes three-speed 50lb bike to south of France and returns it to London in just 24 hours

10 Dec, 2013

Deaths come as France and the UN begin disarming rebel militia after fierce fighting

Crispin Black
26 Nov, 2013

A fiendish and twisted plot by out-of-control French spooks - or a remarkably imaginative operation?