Abu Hamza
25 Nov, 2013

Officials planned to frame extreme right-wing group Combat 18 for his assassination, claims report

French football team
20 Nov, 2013

Embattled president Francois Hollande takes heart as Les Bleus perform a miracle in Paris

19 Nov, 2013

Massive manhunt underway after suspect hijacks a car and disappears in crowd near the Champs-Elysees

Predator Drone
14 Nov, 2013

International committee to consider asking nations not to develop autonomous killing machines

14 Nov, 2013

Ecotax riots in Brittany are further evidence of president's lack of grasp, says John Gaffney

01 Nov, 2013

Francois Hollande is refusing to back down on new tax on the rich, and footballers are angry

Crispin Black
23 Oct, 2013

How did Americans get away with it for so long? It is possible there’s a traitor inside French intelligence

21 Oct, 2013

England dodge a bullet as Ukraine - runners up in Group H - are drawn against France

vo nguyen giap
04 Oct, 2013

Self-taught general dubbed 'Red Napoleon' was credited with forcing France and US out of Vietnam

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
08 Aug, 2013

DSK always said women at parties were 'libertines' not prostitutes. A new Figaro story disputes that