vo nguyen giap

Vo Nguyen Giap: Vietnam's hero and US nemesis dies aged 102

One-Minute Read Fri 4 Oct, AT 16:00

Self-taught general dubbed 'Red Napoleon' was credited with forcing France and US out of Vietnam

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Strauss-Kahn 'a party king who hired hookers' - leaked report

One-Minute Read Thu 8 Aug, AT 14:21

DSK always said women at parties were 'libertines' not prostitutes. A new Figaro story disputes that

Geraint Thomas Team Sky

Geraint Thomas takes on Tour de France with broken pelvis

First Reaction Tue 2 Jul, AT 12:31

But the 'Tough Taff' must keep pace with Team Sky in time trial to avoid elimination

Protesters fail to stop Rafael Nadal winning French Open

First Post Mon 10 Jun, AT 09:45

Spaniard wins for eighth time – beating Grand Slam records set by Federer and Sampras at Wimbledon

Les Miserables: Gloomy French must copy English

First Post Wed 27 Mar, AT 12:54

Paris academic argues glum compatriots can only find happiness across Channel

US tycoon refuses to employ 'so-called' workers in France

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Feb, AT 15:30

They only work three hours a day, boss nicknamed The Grizz tells France's industry minister

Beckham joins PSG, pledges his salary to children's charity

One-Minute Read Thu 31 Jan, AT 13:31

The 37-year-old former England captain will move to France for his footballing swansong

Britain sends troops to Mali: five things you need to know

Briefing Tue 29 Jan, AT 16:22

The UK is sending 330 military personnel to Mali to aid France's battle against jihadist militants. Why?

Economist angers French with yet another nationalistic slur

First Post Fri 4 Jan, AT 14:41

French insulted as weekly mag portrays Obama as a Frenchman – and a cliched one at that

Obama backs Syrian rebels - so why are they frustrated?

First Reaction Wed 12 Dec, AT 14:03

US formally 'recognises' Syrian opposition but with no promise of assistance it's seen as a 'half-step'