10 Jun, 2013

Spaniard wins for eighth time – beating Grand Slam records set by Federer and Sampras at Wimbledon

27 Mar, 2013

Paris academic argues glum compatriots can only find happiness across Channel

One-Minute Read
20 Feb, 2013

They only work three hours a day, boss nicknamed The Grizz tells France's industry minister

One-Minute Read
31 Jan, 2013

The 37-year-old former England captain will move to France for his footballing swansong

In Depth
29 Jan, 2013

The UK is sending 330 military personnel to Mali to aid France's battle against jihadist militants. Why?

04 Jan, 2013

French insulted as weekly mag portrays Obama as a Frenchman – and a cliched one at that

12 Dec, 2012

US formally 'recognises' Syrian opposition but with no promise of assistance it's seen as a 'half-step'

03 Dec, 2012

Paris and London are preparing to take 'real action' over Israel's plan to build in sensitive 'E1' area

Wayne Rooney
16 Nov, 2012

A cap on salaries would save the clubs and make for better matches across the Premier League

29 Oct, 2012

But will dragging paparazzo through the mud do Duchess of Cambridge more harm than good?