Francois Hollande

Marine Le Pen and Jean-Marie Le Pen
05 May, 2015

Far-right family feud deepens as the National Front's patriarch is suspended from the party he founded

World leaders at the G8 summit in Brisbane
30 Mar, 2015

Data breach by Australian immigration department reveals world leaders' passport numbers

Francois Hollande
24 Feb, 2015

French president urges 'faster, more effective sanctions' for racial crimes in the wake of kosher supermarket siege

Obama and Merkel
09 Jun, 2015

US president and German Chancellor threaten Russia with more sanctions over Ukraine

David Cameron
12 Jan, 2015

Prime Minister says UK must confront 'poisonous narrative of Islamist extremism wherever we find it'

Carla Bruni with Nicolas Sarkozy
22 Sep, 2014

With Marine Le Pen threatening to beat Hollande, John Gaffney gives a cautious welcome to Sarkozy

26 Aug, 2014

French president hits reset button as France argues about best way to handle economic stagnation

Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen
01 Aug, 2014

New poll suggests Front National leader Marine Le Pen would knock out socialists in first round

European flags fly in front of the European Parliament
27 May, 2014

National leaders struggle to square anti-EU sentiment with the need for a concerted response

02 Apr, 2014

Hatchets are buried, the musical chairs resume, and there's even talk that Julie Gayet will soon be gone