Francois Hollande

08 Feb, 2013

France's first lady 'like a modern-day Marie Antoinette' as she attends haute couture shows in Paris

08 Feb, 2013

Europe close to agreeing first budget cut in its history. But the EU is still spending more on cows than people

05 Feb, 2013

PSG's new signing appears to have taken steps to ensure French taxman gets as little as possible

29 Jan, 2013

The UK is sending 330 military personnel to Mali to aid France's battle against jihadist militants. Why?

14 Jan, 2013

The majority of protesters were white, bourgeois and unable to accept that France must change

28 Nov, 2012

Row between Socialist government and Indian tycoon resurrects fears of widespread French nationalisation

Gerard Depardieu
09 Nov, 2012

President Hollande blamed for driving out a ‘national treasure’ with planned 75 per cent top tax rate

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande
19 Oct, 2012

ECB will become single supervisor for all eurozone banks, making bailouts simpler to organise