Francois Hollande

30 Jul, 2012

Opinion Digest: the Romney tour, the Syrian conflict and why Ed Miliband should be wary of Hollande

27 Jul, 2012

'MittHitsTheFan' on Twitter as David Cameron refers to Mitt Romney's 'middle of nowhere' home state

23 Jul, 2012

The first Briton to win the Tour de France is now set on winning gold at the London Olympics

Crispin Black
12 Jul, 2012

Last time Hollande visited London, Cameron snubbed him. This time he sensibly rolled out the red carpet

Nicolas Sarkozy
04 Jul, 2012

Former French president investigated over alleged acceptance of cash stuffed in envelopes

Valerie Trierweiler, Francois Hollande companion
21 Jun, 2012

French first lady apologises after expressing support for Segolene Royal's rival in recent election

Angela Merkel
20 Jun, 2012

Germans back plan to allow EU bailout money to be used to purchase the debts of struggling governments

Segolene Royal
18 Jun, 2012

President Hollande's ex, Segolene Royal, fails in bid to become MP, but French voters back anti-austerity Socialists

Valerie Trierweiler v Segolene Royal
12 Jun, 2012

French president's girlfriend undermines his ex-partner with election tweet