Frankie Boyle

01 Jul, 2013

Veteran band's headline set wows the music critics, but more people tune into 'Die Hard' repeat on TV

09 Apr, 2013

Revellers in Glasgow and Brixton marked the former PM's passing with champagne, party hats and chants

Frankie Boyle
25 Mar, 2013

BBC comedy chief reveals he is a big fan of Scottish comic's 'unique talent'

Frankie Boyle
07 Mar, 2013

Controversial Scottish comedian booed after jokes about Queen and Duchess shock audience

04 Dec, 2012

Tabloid tales: Boyle's latest Twitter spat, Lady Gaga buys 55 Michael Jackson outfits, 'unicorn lair' discovered

Frankie Boyle on Never Mind The Buzzcocks
15 Oct, 2012

Comic angry over article that called him racist and claimed he was 'forced' to quit Mock the Week

frankie boyle
30 Aug, 2012

Controversy-courting comic upsets followers with remark about Saudi team being 'thieves'

01 Aug, 2012

After 17-year-old is arrested for alleged abuse of British diver, is it only celebrities who are protected?

Rebecca Adlington
31 May, 2012

Swimmer says online internet attacks over her looks are an unwanted distraction

Madeleine McCann
15 May, 2012

TV medium says a spirit came to him a week after Madeleine McCann was abducted and said toddler was dead