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Free Syria Army

Robert Fox

IS threat grows as Obama and Cameron prevaricate

Thu 28 Aug, AT 13:39
Robert Fox

Can 'coalition of the willing' come together to deal with Islamic State? Not if Cameron can help it

Britain takes step towards arming Syrian rebels

One-Minute Read
Thu 8 Nov, AT 10:51

Cameron wants to push the limits of EU embargo and persuade Obama to raise the heat on Assad

Rebels bomb Syria army HQ in new blow to heart of Assad regime

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Sep, AT 14:50

Twin bombing comes just days after Free Syrian Army moved command centre from Turkey to Syria

General's defection hints at Syrian regime turmoil

First Post
Fri 6 Jul, AT 11:45

Assad is further rocked as top general and troops swap sides to the Free Syria Army

Syrian TV presenter defects as Assad 'regrets' downing jet

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Tue 3 Jul, AT 08:55

Assad regime rocked as well-known TV host and senior army officers go over to oppositon

Free Syria Army

Syria moves against rebels as Russia pledges support

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Mon 30 Jan, AT 11:54

Assad's regime sends tanks into eastern suburbs of Damascus as Arab League pushes for UN resolution