Free Syrian army

Crispin Black

Bloodthirsty British jihadists: UK needs to stand up to terror

Thu 29 May, AT 11:48
Crispin Black

A timely warning comes from Syria that it is British fighters who top the league in beheadings and crucifixions

Syrian tailor: How I survived Assad regime firing squad

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Tue 8 Jan, AT 09:58

As shooting started, Mohammed Ali fainted. He awoke to find himself surrounded by dead bodies

Cleric al-Khatib chosen to lead Syrians' new anti-Assad effort

Talking Point
Mon 12 Nov, AT 10:21

Former imam to head Syria's government-in-waiting - but can he win over the rebels within Syria?

UK might have to intervene in Syria, says top army man

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Wed 25 Jul, AT 10:03

'We do not always choose which wars to fight,' says man who led British troops in Afghanistan

Syrian rebels seize borders in latest blow for Assad

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 09:14

Border with Iraq and key Turkish frontier posts now in rebel hands, but China and Russia block progress at UN

Syrian rebels 'hit the jackpot' as bomb strikes at Assad's heart

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Thu 19 Jul, AT 08:57

Key advisers killed in audacious Damascus blast, but how will Russia react?

Bashar al-Assad

As bomb strikes regime and rebels attack, is this the end of Assad?

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Wed 18 Jul, AT 14:30

The Syrian capital is in turmoil as bomb kills senior regime members and rebel forces mount all-out assault

Syria militiaman: I raped and murdered for £300 a month

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Sun 15 Jul, AT 09:35

Pro-Assad Shabiha member captured by rebels tells how he enjoyed the power that allowed him to kill and rape with impunity

Bashar al-Assad

Syria: Assad promises to 'annihilate' terrorist threat

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Fri 29 Jun, AT 12:44

As tanks mass on the border with Turkey, Syria's leader rejects any external measures to bring peace

Syrian regime renews attack on Homs with helicopters and tanks

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Mon 11 Jun, AT 15:45

At least 38 killed in rebel stronghold as opposition calls for defections from Assad’s regime