freedom of speech

03 Mar, 2015

Critics argue that safe space policies at British universities have become a direct threat to freedom of speech

12 Mar, 2014

Inventor of the World Wide Web says it's time to create an online bill of rights to defend freedom and privacy

15 Jan, 2013

Removal of controversial 'insult' clause from Public Order Act is a victory for campaigners

22 Nov, 2012

Former journalists openly attack Lord Justice Leveson amid Tory concerns over press regulation

12 Nov, 2012

Picture of burning poppy sparks outrage, but so does over-the-top police reaction

18 Oct, 2012

Is there anybody who doesn't support campaign to drop Section 5, which makes it an offence to insult somebody?

20 Sep, 2012

No charges over homophobic Tom Daley tweet, as Keir Starmer raises bar for criminal prosecution

journalists Israel
27 Sep, 2011

If Labour wants to muzzle British journalists, it might consider the regulations imposed by beacons of freedom such as Syria and Israel

Twitter, justice, High Court
25 May, 2011

Judges have created unworkable privacy law - Cameron has reason to be cross

10 May, 2011

Lawyers suggest the average Twitter user is safe from legal action after the apparent breach of celebrity gagging orders