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freedom of speech

Michael Gove mocks Leveson as Boris condemns regulation

One-Minute Read
Thu 22 Nov, AT 08:50

Former journalists openly attack Lord Justice Leveson amid Tory concerns over press regulation

Anger as police arrest man over burning poppy on Facebook

First Reaction
Mon 12 Nov, AT 15:33

Picture of burning poppy sparks outrage, but so does over-the-top police reaction

Rowan Atkinson and Fry back campaign to make insults legal

Talking Point
Thu 18 Oct, AT 10:36

Is there anybody who doesn't support campaign to drop Section 5, which makes it an offence to insult somebody?

journalists Israel

Ivan Lewis should be careful what he wishes for

Tue 27 Sep, AT 17:14

If Labour wants to muzzle British journalists, it might consider the regulations imposed by beacons of freedom such as Syria and Israel