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Making money while the sun shines: what experts suggest

Personal Finance
Fri 12 Jul, AT 08:44

Keep calm, aim carefully or, better still, get away for a holiday (but take care changing currency)

FTSE100 City shares

FTSE 100 sets winning streak record

One-Minute Read
Wed 1 May, AT 12:57

Rally driven by investors searching for returns in an environment of low interest rates, say market watchers

FTSE100 City shares

Dow Jones at new high as FTSE retreats

One-Minute Read
Thu 7 Mar, AT 08:58

Boost for US index came as the FTSE falls

Dow Jones and FTSE hit record highs as confidence surges

First Reaction
Wed 6 Mar, AT 09:45

Caution warning as markets return to levels not seen since before the global financial crisis

Stock markets welcome US's last-minute 'fiscal cliff' solution

Wed 2 Jan, AT 11:30

House of Representatives vote through bill that raises taxes for only the richest Americans

Ban on cigarette brand logos: Aussie ruling could go global

First Reaction
Wed 15 Aug, AT 12:32

Plain packets policy more likely to be introduced in Britain after controversial Australian ruling

Global shares pull out

Global share sell-off: why are investors running scared again?

Wed 11 Apr, AT 10:44

Spanish and Italian bonds, US unemployment and Greek elections are making investors nervous

Financial brokers in London

Shares tumble as the Fed launches Operation Twist

Thu 22 Sep, AT 12:43

Business digest: FTSE falls 200 points as markets react badly to gloomy forecasts

Snow in Auchterarder, Scotland

Data shows economy contracted in final quarter

Tue 25 Jan, AT 11:27

Business Digest: Pound and FTSE hit by GDP news which is worse than expected